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Lazaro is a cigar roller and blender who hails from Pinar del Rio, Cuba where the best tobacco of the world is grown. Being brought up in a land where the country's most recognized tobacco is produced, Lazaro knows exactly what he does as he practices this lost art of hand-rolling cigars. He became fascinated by this craft at the age of 9 and started learning, by the age of 12, he was a cigar roller. He used to spend time with the elder cigar rollers who would show him the intricate process of neatly wrapping the tobacco filler.​ Lazaro Victores came to the United States in April 2001 and is now settled with his family in Florida since January 2003. He can be found at the Dreams of Cuba IN Tarpon Springs, selling out of hand-rolled cigars. He is obstinate and makes sure to provide consumers with cigars that have flavors closest to his homeland cigar, a genuine Cuban cigar. In order to attain this goal, the tobacco leaves are exclusively selected by Victores himself. The premium blended tobacco used is from the Cuban tobacco seed grown in Nicaragua, while the wrappers used are Connecticut shade, San Andres and natural Maduro, and Ecuadorian Habano 2000. With his experience, he has become a master cigar roller. You could feel the magic at his fingertips as every person who has smoked these cigars has fallen in love with them because of the refined aroma and smooth taste. His cigars are rolled to perfection for the enjoyment of his customers. Lazaro Victores was featured in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper in May 2010.

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